Programming language guessing game


Some of you asked me about the “quiz” thing that showed up in one of the screenshots in my NetBeans review… Well, here it is:

During that weekend when I was trying out NetBeans, I wrote a small Zend Framework + Doctrine application which attempts to guess a programming language the user is thinking of, based on a set of questions the user needs to answer.

I have now set up the game, so go ahead and try the Awesome Programming Language Guessing Script. Yeah I wanted to give it a fun name =)

Let me know what you think, and if it’s actually getting any answers right or not – it’s using some relatively simple logic based on which questions have been answered what for which language etc., so I don’t know how it’ll perform when more than a few people answer the stuff. So if you’re a statistical math guru, feel free to suggest an algorithm for the game ;)

I might release the source code for the game sometime, as a demonstration of using ZF, Doctrine and unit testing and such.

Edit: the source code is now available here. Checkout/export the latest tag for the latest functioning code. Note that the code is still in development =)