The best old “indie” games


Just for fun, here’s a list of the best old shareware/freeware games I played before Windows XP and such even existed… The word indie is quoted because these games would probably be called that nowadays, but weren’t back then :D

Finnish games

  • Slicks ‘n’ Slide – A great top-down racer with a track editor. I made a similar JavaScript based top down racer.
  • Triplane Turmoil – Side-scrolling multiplayer shooting with triplanes
  • Wings – Side-scrolling cave flying shooter with tons of weapons and maps etc. etc.
  • Minebombers – Top-down shooter, a combination of bomberman and miner
  • Tapan Kaikki – Top-down shooter
  • Liero – Side-scrolling shooter where you are a worm and as usual the goal is to kill the other worms
  • Koiratappelu – Couldn’t find anything in english about this. This game was a bit like Triplane Turmoil
  • Areena 4 – As with Koiratappelu couldn’t find anything about this in english either. A great strategy game where you manage a team of gladiators in a fantasy world and fight in different leagues to be the best.
  • Duck, Mr. Duck (in finnish, has a screenshot) – A very Worms-like turn-based shooter, except this time you are a duck.
  • Alien Phobia – Top-down shooter, simple and fun: The only goal is to survive against an endless flood of aliens out to kill you. There is also Alien Phobia III.


  • Action Supercross – Possibly one of the first good physics based games? Side-scrolling motocross puzzle game
  • Assault Trooper – Isometric shooter
  • C-Dogs – Isometric shooter with two-player support and I think there also was a map editor

What’s your favorite?

I spent countless hours playing the above games, although there probably were others that I forgot about.

Share your favorite old games in the comments :)