Best of 2008


Since the year is about to end, I think now is a good time to highlight some best things of 2008

Top CodeUtopia blog posts of 2008

These are the most visited posts in this blog, since January 1 2008, according to Google Analytics:

  1. Quick introduction to using Zend_Layout
  2. Introduction to Zend_Layout (updated for ZF 1.5!)
  3. Routing and complex URLs in Zend Framework
  4. Doctrine VS. Propel
  5. Summing up Smarty and Zend_View

The NetBeans 6.5 review gets an honorable mention. It reached the 8th most visited post this year, despite only being about a month old! For comparison, the #1 post was published in November 2007.

Other good 2008 things

Here are some other highlights of 2008, in no particular order

I was also thinking about mentioning the best new music release of 2008… but since I don’t find myself listening to any specific album from 2008 more often than something not from 2008, I guess there weren’t any that good releases this year. Oh well.