How to get your saved passwords from almost any browser


Someone on ##opera in freenode was asking how to recover their saved password from Wand, Opera’s password manager.

While there is apparently no “official” way of getting to them, I thought that maybe you could simply hook into the form, and read the password when it’s being submitted by Wand!

Easy enough, add an event handler to onsubmit, collect passwords and display them. And here’s the result:

Click here for the script, as it wouldn’t show up nicely in the post.

Just copypaste it into the urlbar on any page you want to run it on. I think it might also be possible to store it as a bookmarklet, by making a new bookmark with that as the URL.

I did some quick checking and turns out I’m not the first guy to think of this, but the scripts I found none worked universally in more than just FF or IE. I tested my script in IE7, Opera 9 and Firefox 3, and it appears to work in all of them, and quite likely works in every other browser that can run it.