Improved Zend Framework package maker


Last month, I introduced the packageizer, which allowed you to choose a class from the Zend Framework and get it as a zip with its dependencies.

Now, based on some feedback from users, I’ve improved the user interface of the tool: You can now select multiple items for inclusion in the package, and I’ve made it possible to get the packages in .phar format. It also has initial support for different libraries, ie. Zend Framework 1.6 and Zend Framework SVN trunk, but currently only 1.6 stable is available.

Check out the improved packageizer! Let me know what you think.

I also used this chance to familiarize myself with Dojo. The improved packageizer uses Dojo’s Dijit widgets to provide a better way to choose classes and display their dependencies. Despite the fancy new dijit.Tree and all, it also works without JavaScript, in case someone needs that.