Favorite blogs


I often have problems finding blogs that post content that interests me. It could be that I’m really picky, or it’s just really difficult to find quality programming blogs.

So, today I’ll introduce you to some of the blogs I read. Perhaps you’ll find a new blog to read as well?

I probably won’t have to to introduce blogs like Coding Horror or Joel on Software, so I’ll just mention few of the less known ones.

Let’s start with Akra’s DevNotes. This blog is written by Rob Allen, and contains the occasional useful post on Zend Framework, and other usually PHP-related content. Rob Allen is also the author of the book “Zend Framework in Action”, so he knows what he’s talking about!

One of the blogs I’ve been following the longest time is God Patterns. The author used to write about various C# and game development related topics, but it seems the blog has been dying. The old posts contain some useful tidbits, nevertheless, and I still have it in my feed reader, in case there is any new content.

Jansch.nl is Ivo Jansch’s blog, and he writes about various PHP and programming related topics. This is one of the more often updated blogs in my reader.

Matthew Weier O’Phinney, the man behind Zend_Form, writes a blog called Phly, boy, phly. As expected, he writes a lot about the Zend Framework, and amongst other things, about my favorite text editor, Vim.

Federico Cargnelutti writes about a wide range of programming topics, such as PHP/MySQL and agile development, in his blog PHP::Impact.

These blogs all have lots of useful and interesting content. Only if they were updated a bit more often… but it’s understandable, as it can be very difficult to come up with good posts. I’ve been writing since early 2006, and it’s still difficult.

What are your top blogs?