Switching to WordPress


I’m moving my blogging from My Opera to here at CodeUtopia.net for now at least.

I’ve installed WordPress here, and I must say it was quite painless to get it up and running. I had to do some digging through the documentation to find some features that I want to use, such as showing a small “teaser” of the posts on the front page for some posts.

I was working on my own simple blogging solution and a CMS until an unfortunate hard disk crash took out my server box and along went most of my programming projects. And don’t tell me to take backups! I’m a poor student, I don’t have money for things like extra hard disks for backing up stuff ;)

Also, I have other things to work on than the blog/cms project, so I kind of realized that it would take me forever to move my blog here, unless I used a ready-made solution like WordPress.

I’ve imported some of my old posts to this one, but it looks like that many of them look a bit bad, especially for the parts which include source code of some sorts. I’ve fixed a couple of them to behave a bit better, though.

I grabbed a nice looking theme from WordPress’ site, called Silver Light. I wonder why isn’t MS suing the author of it yet? Did some small modifications to it to get it looking a bit more like the rest of the codeutopia.net site and some modifications to the CSS to make the blogposts get a bit nicer formatting. I also installed a couple of plugins, and they all have worked pretty well, except I had to dive to the source code of one of them to get it working more like I wanted. More on that later, perhaps.

So far, WordPress seems very nice. It has a lot of features that I’d liked to have at My Opera. For example, it automatically saves my posts while I’m writing them… I’ve lost some posts at My Opera when I tried to preview them and the server wouldn’t respond and destroyed my post as a result. Lately the fact that My Opera has been very unstable has been annoying too.

Well, I’m going to post something more interesting (hopefully!) tomorrow.

Edit: I’ve disabled comments on this post because it’s getting a lot of spam for some reason.